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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is The Game!
 [UJE] Clan   is a real fun-clan.

A few years ago the [UJE] Clan started with only a couple of guys who were sick of playing on public servers. The attitude of most public players is really sick and more and more cheaters are in the game. That’s why [UJE] Clan started, to make a community of friends, non-cheaters, tweakers and real team-players. The team-play really makes the game, so the fun is back now! That’s why most of the [UJE] members only play on our private server. It’s fun there and real team-play with the objective as primary goal.

We also have a public sniper-server, because snipers are more relaxed then fraggers. Some real nice players play on our sniper-server, so go and check it out!. Since 2006 we’ve got 3 guys developing maps. You can check our maps just by clicking on the [UJE] maps info button at the left. In the beginning we only had Dutch guys in the [UJE] Clan, but nowadays guys all over the world play in the [UJE] Clan.

We hate guys who spawn-kill, cheat, tweak, yell, call names and stuff like that. And we also really hate guys who play on their own like rambo-medics. If we see them, we kick or ban them. That’s how we keep our servers clean. We really like to chat and get to know other players from all over the world, and become friends with nice people. So everyone who’s nice and wants to play a fun-game is welcome on our servers.

To keep the [UJE] Clan alive and to keep our servers up and running, we can always use support. If you like our maps and/or servers, you can make a donation using the PayPal link at the upper right corner of this page. People who support us get real respect from the [UJE] Clan. It’s not that we’re poor or something, it’s more the knowledge that other people appreciate us, our maps or our servers.

NOTICE… Wolfenstein is real fun when playing as a team. And it’s no fun when you easily win, so if you join our server try not to join the best team but the team who needs help.

For complaints, questions or something else, you can post a message on our forum.

Greetings from all members.

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