Map made by  [UJE]Niek


Oke, this map is a special one. Lot's of special features in it. Alies are attacking and searching the last hideout place of the axis troops. They are bombing the place each 6 minutes with airplanes. a squad of alied troopers has been dropped of with a tank to search the ground place for the last axis soldiers The alied troopers have to escort the tank and blow up some walls to get acces to the last hideout place of the axis defend.Once they are in they have to blow up theire communication ,so that they can't call for reinforcements anymore. So the war can be won.

warzone warzone

The middle spawn first captured by axis is a friendly place. It's a big bar with lot's of stuff in it like.
*Beers to drink
*Playing deejay in the disco
*Dance on the dancefloor
*Parachute dropping by entering the telephone box

So lot's of fun things but..beware there is still some shooting and it's war....

Ofcourse i want to thank C for adding all sorts of special thinks with his master skill shadering and scripting .Well done c you really give this map a special look.


Here's a downloadlink for

There are also some waypoints for omnibot for this map made by irata