Map made by  [UJE]Niek


Oke, this map is a special one. Lot's of special features in it. A town is split in 2 cause of a fight , now they are shooting at eachother from one side to the other. Between the shooting bombers bomb the place down , as you will see the houses are real shot down. In this map there are sniperplaces for all sorts of sniper technics , so i hope every sniper likes this map. For me this map was a real experience cause i had ask all our friendly clans to send in a picture for in this map. Well most of the clans did so i really want to thank them for sending in their picture.

warzone warzone

Even if there is a lot of shooting in this map there is also a place where you can relax. Not everyone wanted the fight between both sides. For them there is a shelter bar under the map , with all kinds of special things. It's a no shooting area with free drinks free gamble play darts or even dance a bit. Here are all the paintings of our friendly clans . When you want to go back in fight , you can use the Dr Who telephonecel ,it will beem you up.
Ofcourse i want to thank C for adding his gamble machine and making all sorts of special thinks with his master skill shadering and scripting .Well done c you really give this map a special look.


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Waypoint files of this map are in DOWNLOADS section on the website