Map made by  [UJE]Niek

--final-- --UJE_valley_escort --

Axis objective map
The axis went into an ambush by the alies and the only vehicle was left is the tank. Axis have to escort the tank into the alies base.
Then the tank wil blow up the main gate and the axis can destroy the generators.
Axis have to make a minecar for acces the genaerator room
Take notice that only an axis engineer can ride the car.
Alies have to prevent this al.

Alies Objective:

* Build the commandpost
* Hold the middle spawn as long as you can
* Defend the baricade
* Defend the generators doors
* Defend the generators

Axis objective

* build the commandpost for new spawn
* Escort the tank to the fort.
* Make the minecar to get acces the first generator room
* Destroy the 1st generator door
* Destroy the 1st generator
* Destroy the 2st generatordoor
* Destroy the 2st generator

Changed stuff:

* Alies start in the middle of the map
* When axis make the commandpost they will start there
* When the tank is past the bariere ,the middle spawn stays of axis
* Added a new path to objective for alies
* Added Arty protection in small paths
* Added some more stuff

valley valley

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