Map made by  [UJE]Niek

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Axis objective map
This map takes place in the ghetto. Axis have to capture the disco spawn and escort the tank to the ganghouse
When they escorted the tank they can take objective and bring it to the helicopter on the roof There are several ways to get to the objective also you can take a helicopter that will take you on the roof. Once you are on the roof there will go off an alarm ,that says there is an intruder on the roof.. Alies have to prevent this al.

Alies Objective:

* Build the commandpost
* Hold the disco spawn as long as you can
* Defend the baricade
* Defend the objective

Axis objective

* Capture the dico spawn * build the commandpost
* Escort the tank to the ganghouse. * Take objective and bring it to the helicopter

Fun stuff:

* Moving girl models
* Nice car models
* Flying helicopter
* Lot's of music and fun sounds
* Great acces on the roofs
* When the tank blown up the wall a teleporter at spawn will be visseble for quicker gameplay

The Ghetto The Ghetto The Ghetto

Here's a downloadlink for

There are also some waypoints for omnibot made for this map