Map made by  [UJE]Niek


Lol this new snipermap is a next generation one. There are 2 spaceships outer space and far far away from eachother, You can't pass (fly) to the other site we've tried it over and over but we didnt came to the other site. The gravity is set to 250 so that it really feels like space. Here are some screenshots of the spaceships

space space

In this version the shaders are made now, lot's of lights are in the b4 version. So now it looks real cooler. There are 3 jumppads on each site ,for jumping too the ships that hover above. Also are there lots of beemers that you can go to other sniperplaces. Well if you now me you now that i really like sounds in maps ,so in this map are lot's of extra sounds and effects that makes the map cool. Remember that this map is only a fantasymap ,so use it and have fun.


Here's a downloadlink for
Waypoint files of this map are in DOWNLOADS section on the website