Map made by  [UJE]Niek

Some sniperclans asked me if i could't make UJE_oldskool_sniper non passing so i did. This map is called UJE_oldskool_sniper_np ,np of no passing. So you cannot pass. I erased 8 busses for better gameplay. The students of this skool are really bored so they snipe contest after skool time or maybe in skooltime hahah. Well ,2 skools standing against eachother so they couldt snipe against eachother. Here a screenshot of the skool.

Here is a screenshot of some other places you can snipe from. It's a drained river with a few boats in it for cover.


This is a screenshot of a classroom inside the building. Added in the buildings is some music so you won't get bored sniping from the class. Again [UJE]C helped me with the shaders ,C thanxs again


Here's a downloadlink for
Waypoint files of this map are in DOWNLOADS section on the website