Map made by  [UJE]Niek

This is the thirth map i've made. called UJE_ocean_sniper .2 ships stranded in the middle of the ocean with... well you now . only snipers on board.i think this is the best map ive made but well my oppinion does not count There are lots of sniper places in this map ,on the boat at the dock and even at the submarine. In the choppers there's a switch for make the rotors run. In the cabin of the boot there's a huge horn ,ive also made a caffetaria where you can get health by taking lots of drinks or use the drinks machine. If you jump of 1 of the 2 high poles you get a screaming sound says UUUJJJJJJJEEEEE added by my own voice . There is a way to cross but it's a long swim.

ocean ocean

Well i think i have to thank [UJE]C again for his help with making the horizon look great and all the other stuff with scripting. Well you now i'm only a carpenter and all that scripting stuff and shading stuff is... well, not yet ment to be for me. But i'm learning a lot from C .

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