Map made by  [UJE]Niek


Ive made a new version its in beta 3 now. There is some more cover now and ive added some stuff. Still there is no way to cross so dont even try it hahah. The map plays in the jungle 2 different sides this time so you can always change sides. I put some funny sounds of an elephant a lion in it there is also a sound of tarzan in it cause thats fits well in a jungle map hihi.Welll there are trees and some buildings in this map were you can sniper from. I made some adjustments for bots in the trees that they cannot shoot thrue the bushes.Cause they see everything. Here are some screenshots were you can see how the map looks , and i hope that everyone has some real fun in this map.

warzone warzone

I wanne say thanxs too C for making me a terrain ,that looks real cool.


Here's a downloadlink for
Waypoint files of this map are in DOWNLOADS section on the website