Map made by  [UJE]Niek

Well another map is done. UJE_flat_sniper i named it , this map is made pure for fun. 2 high and i mean super high buildings standing against eachother . Again its a snipermap there's a way to cross again for fun play , you can jump from a 100 stores building and try to land in the water or you can try to jump on de trampoline. The way up or down can be done by a elevator who was made by [UJE]C he made the elevator in i think an hour hahah. Fine tuning took al little bit longer , the elevator makes the map i think. I'The map is now Final .a darker sky is added and some stuff is ajusted for making the map nicer. Well the map is the most played of all snipermaps on our server so it must be good. I hope with all the improvements the map is better. Here are some screenshots.

building building

Well ,you see some helicopters on top of the roof you can sniper off and you see how high the building is Here are some screenshots of the down level were you can cross. There can be lot's of fun fights down there hihi. that was the intension . Lots of nice fights were down here.

Here's a downloadlink for

There are also some waypoints for omnibot 7.2 for this map
Waypoint files of this map are in DOWNLOADS section on the website