Map made by  [UJE]Niek

--UJE_convoy_final --

Axis objective map
The axis are escorting a convoy from the airport
through a town to the faith factory.
If they make it they get alot of faith for winning
the war against the allies troops

Axis objective:

*Escort the convoy to the factory
*Blow up 3 baricades
*Sachel the side door
*Fix commandpost

Allied objective

*stop the axis convoy
*Build baricades
*Build the side door
*Build commandpost

Axis first spawn at the airfield

The city with 2 baricades.

Just outside the city where the spawns change

The faith factory where the tank and the trucks have to be escorted to

Credits .
Treemodels by Kic
Sky by Avoc
A big thank you for these guys who make beautiful stuff for et .....Respect

Here's a downloadlink for

MickyP also made some waypoints for omnibot 0.8 for this map , Thanks.