Map made by  [UJE]Happy

-- UJE_CLV --

There is coming a new map for the [UJE]Clan!!! It's called [UJE]CLV I'd like to give lots of special tanks to [UJE]C !! because without him I would never be able to construct this map or more maps. The map is a reconstruction of a school with lots of broken buildings that are surrounding the map. The allies have captured the whole school and they had stolen lots of gold from the Axis wich they can use for buying ammo and food. Ofcourse the axis want all there gold back with an counterattack, but they have no time nor secured road to get the gold safely away before the reinforcement of the Allies arrive. There only chance is to blow up all the gold at once. To do that they need to go trow a very tall building, but its to strong for a dynamite so they need to demolish it otherwiseus, with some tanks. One to put fuel next to the building and an other tank stolen from the allies, the same with the fuel thats in it, to blow up the first tank. It wouldn't get easy, but the Axis are strong, have enough ammo and food and they have many places to hide so do the Allies, they have good positions in the map. It's gonna be a bloody battle between good and evil! And that only for some gold


This is an overvieuw of almost the total map.

clv clv clv clv

Here's a downloadlink for