Map made by  [UJE]Niek

This was the first final map for me that was done. UJE_city_sniper is it called. 2 sites filled with houses from low to high ground ,in the middel a river that hurts a lot, made for no passing cause it's a snipermap. The neon lights and the water is made and shadered by [UJE]C, He helped me a lot with the making of this map. I've added 2 spawnpoints on both sites then anybody could't choose if he wants to spawn upsite or downsite. C added cvars for better fps. Medic can be toggled on and off fancy fence can be toggled on and off and the smoke can be turned on and off. The meaning of making al these snipermaps is that i find there were to less good snipermaps and the sniper community was growing. I hope everyone likes the maps we make at [UJE] and let us now at our forum.
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New Version
Waypoint files of this map are in DOWNLOADS section on the website