Map made by  [UJE]Niek

--UJE_city_patrol_b1 --

Axis objective map
The Axis have to escort the convoy through the city by night ,
and bring the trucks safe to the factory.
First they have to escort the tank that will be followed by alot of trucks.
On theire way to the Factory they will have to go through a river and through a Town.
Allies have to try and stop them .

Axis objective:

* Escort the trucks to the factory
* Blow up 3 baricades
* Sachel the side door
* Fix commandpost

Allied objective

* Stop the axis convoy
* Build baricades
* Build the side door
* Build commandpost

City Patrol

City Patrol
City Patrol
City Patrol

Here's a downloadlink for

Here are some waypoints for this map but they are in first development , final waypoints will follow soon.