Map made by  [UJE]Niek

--UJE_amsterdam_xmas --

This is the Christmas version of amsterdam_final

Axis objective map
The axis have to escort the tank through the streets of Amsterdam
to blow up the bankdoors and to get the secret documents to transmit them.
It will not get easy for them because of the narrow streets and the buildings
surrounded by water.
There are alot of paths in this map also by boat
some cruise ships will pass by for escort

Axis objective:

*Escort the tank to the bank
*Blow up 2 baricades
*Sachel the 2 side doors
*Fix commandpost
*Blow up the safe
*steal the secret documents
*Transmit the documents

Allied objective

*stop the axis tank
*Build baricades
*Build the side doors
*Build commandpost
*Protect the bank

Here some screenshots how the map looks
amsterdam xmas

amsterdam xmas

amsterdam xmas

amsterdam xmas

Here's a downloadlink for