Map made by  [UJE]Niek

--UJE_ambush_b3 --

Alies objective map
Alies are stranded in a house in the valley They have the use of a chopper or they can move by foot or boat. Mision 1 is to blow up 2 doors and get the first spawn. Once they have broken in the axis base they have to get 2 radarparts and secure them in the truck wich is waiting and ready to escape from the valley.. Axis have to prevent this al.

Alies Objective:

* Destroy the main Entrance
* Get the Spawnflag
* Destroy the Back entrance
* Get both radarcomponents and bring them to the truck
* Repair the commandpost for new spwns inside axis camp

Axis objective

* Defend the mainentrance to the base * build the commandpost
* Defend the backentrance to the base. * Prevent that the alies take both radarcomponents

Fun stuff:

* Moving horse and owl models
* Flying helicopter
* Lot's of music and fun sounds
* Birds in the valley that bring medic

Ambush Ambush Ambush

Here's a downloadlink for

There are also some waypoints for omnibot made for this map