Map made by  [UJE]C

--UJE_01_vip_b3 --

Mission-type: Axis objective, free & escort the V.I.P
# Players: up to about 26 players,
above that, the mission will be very hard..

Release notes: This is the 2nd public release.. Beta 2
* Changed some textures so it is clear to see where no landmines can be placed.
* Shortened the idle-time of the VIP after revive/death.
* Created a few extra routes.
* Added an alarm to warn there is a paratrooper coming down (must be turned on by a switch).
* Changed Axis & Allied spawnpoints.
* ..some more minor changes

* Announcer: {TTS}stevecrow74
* V.I.P.: it is my own voice

* zenith-ply made the Arado196 float-plane.
It is a great model, i did not use every damaged model that comes along with the plane though,
but i included them in this pk3 (so it is complete)..
* Quake3 DrEvil player-model..made by John "Ronin{Triad}" Fisher & Gary "Two Beans{TRIAD}" Jordan
I had to glue all bodyparts with mapscript..
* Parachute model from Degeneration


Here's a downloadlink for