Map made by  [UJE]Niek

--UJE_2_towns_b2 --

Allies objective map
Allies have to destroy the axis statue to gain acces to the underground trainstation.
Once they have done that they have to destroy 2 flakguns to win the game. Axis have to prevent this

Alies Objective:

* Destroy the Statue
* Destroy flakguns

Axis objective

* Defend the statue
* Prevent that the allies blow up the flakguns

Extra stuff:

* Trainmodels made by ischbinz

2Towns 2Towns 2Towns 2Towns

This map is releashed because i won't work on it anymore
Map is made for 6 vs 6 and lower it's a small map smaller then i wanted it to be.
But still you can have some great fun on it

Here's a downloadlink for